Installation and dismantling

Booth erection and assembly: 24 March (Tuesday) from 12 noon to 8 PM. Decoration of the booths may be continued until 10 PM. The building will be closed at 10 PM.

Installation begins at 12 noon. Please note that all booth locations will not be ready exactly at 12 noon – the assembly will proceed based on a specific schedule from 12 onwards. The vehicle access schedule must be considered in connection with installation. In case of some booths, installation is possible only after vehicle access is over.

Please be in touch with the installer of your booth as regards access and installation schedules. Remind the installer of that the hall corridors must be kept free for vehicle transfer operations.

Vehicle access is based on a schedule notified separately.

Installation schedule-related inquiries
: Tina Fagerström, tel. +358 (0)40 732 0835, [email protected]

Booth dismantling on 26 March from approx. 4.30 PM onwards, after the visitors have left the building.

On the installation and fair days, exhibitor ID cards are not required.

Ammattiautot information stand is at the service of the exhibitors on the installation day and of the visitors on the fair days.

List of event participants

Please, check the name and www-address of your firm in the list of event participants. Please, also note that the exhibitor must not rent or hand over their exhibition stand or a part thereof to a third party.

Installation services and cleaning

Ensure successful participation in the trade fair through use of services offered by the co-operation partners in design and implementation of your booth – a capable network of skilled professional in different fields is at your disposal.


Expomatto Sales
Jarkko Nieminen +358 (0)400 683 600 [email protected]

Messumatto Oy
Jukka Kuusela +358 (0)400 734 774 [email protected]

Fair structures, furniture, and carpets

Expotec Oy
Riitta Saukkonen +358 (0)50 534 3245 [email protected]

Expo System
Jyri Järvinen +358 (0)50 462 1008 [email protected]

Electrical installations

Messusähkö Oy
Electrical installation orders via email to [email protected]

These informations must be included in message:

  • Name of your company
  • Booth number and location
  • Which kind of electrical installations you need
  • Invoicing information
  • (additional details)

Please, inform if you want an order confirmation sent to your e-mail.

Booth cleaning during the fair

SOL Service
Katja Poltojainen +358 (0)40 520 8872 [email protected]

Sound and truss lighting

Bright Finland Oy
Mikko Nyman +358 (0)44 782 2291 [email protected]

IT connections

Tietokeskus Finland Oy
Lasse Kaiponen +358 (0)44 755 2257 [email protected]

Check out more info here!

Vehicle washing options

Vehicles displayed can be washed and fixed; washing service is available on tuesday 24.3.2020 from 10 AM to 6 PM near the maintenance doors by hall A. Book a time in advance from [email protected] by 9.3.

Restaurant services

Visitors are admitted to the event free of charge; some of them may be minors. Because of this, alcohol-related legislation prohibits bringing along or consuming own alcoholic drinks at the trade fair area.

Finnresta has full right to dispense alcohol in the premises of the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. Meeting premises at the Centre are at your disposal for customer catering purposes in private premises.

Meeting and booth catering orders

Customer service +358 (0)40 504 0530 [email protected]

News and events at your booth

You can send advance information on novelties, your press releases, news, videos and fotos to the Editor in Chief of the Konepörssi Ammattiautot magazine by e-mail, [email protected].

Please, send information on vehicles displayed and events at your booth by e-mail, [email protected].

Goods deliveries to the booth

Any goods for your booth may be delivered to the Centre by the commencement of the installation period at the earliest, so please keep this in mind when planning your schedule. Tampereen Messut Oy and Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre are not responsible for the receipt of your consignments. A representative must always be present on-site and acknowledge the receipt of your consignments.

Any goods consignments to the Exhibition Centre must be addressed as follows
Tampereen Messu-­ ja Urheilukeskus
Henkilökuljetus 2020
Name of the firm and booth number
Contact person and phone number
Ilmailunkatu 20
33900 Tamper, Finland

Fire safety guidelines

Booths involving vehicles must be equipped with handheld extinguishers: we recommend a 6 kg handheld extinguisher per vehicle. Please make sure there is such an extinguisher at your booth. In addition, remember to remove the keys from the vehicles’ ignition locks for the duration of the fair.

Smoking is allowed only outside, at the designated smoking place next to the Exhibition Centre’s main entrance.

Remember to check out more guidelines from terms and conditions.